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Online, Online, Online...
The entire World is Online..
The world shops online for big tickets, from cars to groceries..
The world shops online for travel tickets..
The world shops online for property..
The world shops online for purchasing Insurance policies..
The world shops online for Matrimonial matters..
The world shops online for Health and Medicine..
The world goes online to pay Utility bills..
The world goes online for Banking transactions..
The world goes online for Education..
The world goes online for Passports and Visas..
Social world & gossip go online
The world controls Home Automation Online..
In fact, is there anything that we do not do online ?
To be present online, you need to have a domain name,
hosting and a good website.
With ever increasing penetration, internet costs are coming down and with it
the hosting charges and associated costs.

EVERYONE needs to have online presence,
be it an individual, to further his personal career development
or a businessman, to further expand the horizon of his business.
SR INFOTECH brings you all the tools required to be online at affordable rates,
to render quality services with 99.99% uptime.
Salient Features:
Domain Name Registration
Low Cost Hosting
Web Design for websites
Email Packs for individuals and corporates
Wedding websites - with live telecast
Birthday websites - with live telecast
eCommerce websites
Personal websites
Dynamic websites with CMS
Flash based websites
Do you want to be left behind in this online world ?
It's time everyone got online status. Don't get left behind in this merciless world of competition.
To know more about our quality services, Login.
If you first time visitor, just register to enter our site.

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Amazing Features

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Amazing Custom Features for your website

Header Slides
Slide Shows
Video Clips
Live Meetings
Shopping Carts
Payment Gateways
Live Chat - Text & Video
Live Web Analytics
Text to Speech
Custom Forms
Guest Book
And a host of custom designed features as per your requirement


Know them... Before you lose them

Your site visitors are important to you.

Would you not like to know who visits your site and how they behave ?

What are they really interested in ?

How they scroll the page ?

Which page they are visiting ?

What key strokes they are making ?

Why are they leaving and at what time?

Would you not like to know your visitors' behaviour ?

You can actually see the screen capture, recorded or live, while they are navigating your site.

This will help you to make site changes so that the objective of your site is met.

To get an interface like this for your site,

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